Our Energy Trading Company

We are a leading energy trading company which has globally received recognition. Our business is spread across the globe. We are operating in almost 40 countries currently.
Our main goal is to offer our customers with access to the energy wholesale platform ensuring reliability and flexibility. We make sure that the company’s generation plants are hedged and optimized. We have tie ups with many power plants. The generated electricity is sold by Kelford Llc on behalf of our clients. We also purchase electricity from the wholesale markets for our clients.

Kelford Llc deals with carbon credits and biomass. Fossil fuels are also sourced by Kelford Llc. We perform these on behalf of third parties. Kelford Llc helps the customers in risk management and their assets are optimized too.

Kelford Llc has employees over 800 and they are highly skilled. Kelford Llc tries to increase profit for our customers by optimizing their portfolio and managing risk efficiently. We make sure that these resources are utilized in more optimum manner. We have a support team that helps in guiding the new customers about energy trading and balancing their investments on such trades.

It is very easy to get business started with us. To register with Kelford Llc, one must fill up the form available on our official home page. The user will be asked to provide details and certain proofs. Once it is submitted, Kelford Llc will review the documents and details provided. After verification is successful, and the customer fits in our criteria, our customer executive will get in touch with the potential customer for further procedures. Also, you will be explained about the charges to get started with us.
We can be contacted through our toll-free contact number available on our official website. Our phone lines are active 24X7. Interested customers can also mail to us.